Cinch sold us a car but the bonnet wouldn’t open: CRANE ON THE CASE

Cinch sold us a car but the bonnet wouldn’t open: CRANE ON THE CASE

In November 2023, my partner purchased a car from the online dealership Cinch and we met the sales agent at a pick-up point to collect it.

Before taking the keys we inspected the car, and noted the bonnet lever in the cabin didn’t work, rendering the bonnet un-openable.

We were reluctant to accept it, but my partner had been without a car for two weeks and the sales agent was insistent that dealing with Cinch would be easy, and it would be repaired in no time.

On the blink: The car had various problems from the moment it was collected, but Cinch wasn’t quick to respond to the driver’s requests for a repair (stock image)

My partner reported the problem to Cinch promptly. Shortly after, the 12v power outlet stopped working, then a fault light appeared on the dash.

Three months on, we are still no closer to getting the repairs carried out.

We have complained three times, but twice Cinch claimed the complaint wasn’t received. Can you help? D.P, Somerset





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Helen Crane of This is binance make money easy replies: In its catchy TV ads fronted by reality star Rylan Clark, Cinch claims to provide ‘Cars without the faff’.

But based on your experience with the online car dealership, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Your partner paid £9,200 for the used Dacia, but almost three months on she is still unable to open the car’s bonnet, which means you are unable to top up the windscreen washer or oil.

Both are vital to keep a car running smoothly, and not doing so could mean you wind up with bigger problems down the line.

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